Ahad, 1 Julai 2007

Are men necessary???

"Guys want to be in relationships with women they dont have to talk to. Thus Christine B. Whelan conclude that men fall inlove with their assistants and housekeepers who will take care of them like their mothers did. the more successful a woman, the less likely she is to be married". ahahahahah...bukan aku yang kata,aku 98% mengiyakan je.....
'Why smart men marry smart women'
Are u among the SWANS? YES, I am young, single, smart and professional woman..ahaksss
Are u a strong, smart woman aspiring the great things? -of course I am
Do u ever wonder why you are still single -and worry that men dont fall in love with smart women like u? I am not worrry, I am just wonder why men are so unpredictedable....
Are u sick of bad news media reports aboout the chances of happiness for young, succesful women? -sometimes YES because of the stupid reasons they give but...No, I believe that klau dah jodoh tak kemana ;)


*Strong Women Achievers, No Spouse
***Dah lama aku mencari buku ni..tapi masih tak jumpa???agaknya kena cari kat NZ kut....hehheh.Terpaksalah tunggu another 3-4 months....